Real Estate Tips

Advantages of Buying a property in Gatineau with ALAIN FOURNIER

1. Fair price

As real estate brokers we have the skills and experience to do a comparative market analysis of properties for sale and properties sold, to help determine the market value of your dream property.

2. Secure transaction

We are members in good standing of the OACIQ (Organisme d'autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec), whose mission is to protect the public interest during real estate transactions. We are thus subject to the terms of the Real Estate Brokerage Act, a code of conduct and rules of cooperation for members of our profession.

3. Fewer risks

We look after the necessary forms, procedures and documents for your transaction (certificate of location, promise to purchase, counter-offer, declaration of co-ownership, tax accounts, mortgage approval, building inspection report, notice of fulfillment of conditions, technical sheets, etc.). We also ensure the transaction goes smoothly until the moment the deed is signed at the notary's office.

4. Let us do the work

You already work hard, and buying a property is a huge investment of time and energy. In this Internet age, many sites have search tools that make it easy to get lost. As brokers we have a range of professional, state-of-the-art tools to help you find your new property, organize viewings and obtain answers to your questions. We'll help save you time and stress by doing most of the work for you.

5. Strategy and negotiation

Taking the circumstances of each transaction into account, we will lend you our expertise to assist, advise, reassure, plan, confirm, simplify, communicate, protect, and optimize your negotiations. In doing so, we'll help you find practical solutions to any potential problems so you can obtain your dream property under the best possible terms and conditions.

6. Local expertise

As local residents who have worked many years in the Gatineau area, we have a great deal of useful information (about schools, parks, services, activities, sports teams, etc.) on which to base an informed decision so that your new home meets the needs of your family.

7. Better borrowing conditions

As we receive weekly updates on all mortgage financing offers from different financial institutions, we can refer you to a skilled and experienced specialist who will review your borrowing capacity and credit and reserve an interest rate to protect you from market fluctuations. This whole process will help you purchase your dream home without exceeding your financial means.

8. Professional network

Our experience in the field has helped build a network of tested and seasoned professionals in all areas of expertise (inspectors, appraisers, notaries, lawyers, handymen, tradesmen, housecleaning services, landscapers, etc.). These people, who have won our trust over the years, provide A1 service that will meet and exceed your requirements.

9. Brokerage contract – purchase

Our new brokerage contract (purchase) avoids conflict by clearly stating that your interests are our priority. It even lets us focus entirely on serving you if certain properties aren't on the market or are for sale directly by the owner.

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